1st April 2019

The Commission’s Call For Evidence remains open, and we have extended the deadline for submissions from the 25th April to the 28th July.

25th March 2019

The Commission has now travelled to Liverpool, Sheffield, Stevenage, Nottingham, Birmingham and East Hampshire and has visited examples of place making in practice, regeneration and good development and has gathered evidence from a range of planners, developers and local people on the current problems with the planning system and what a new planning system could look like.

The Commissioners have met in London five times to discuss planning and the delivery of infrastructure, the different tiers of planning, local plan making and quality and at each of these sessions have heard evidence from leading experts in the sector. The Commissioners will be looking at finance, climate change, meeting housing need and land supply issues and also revisiting plan making from April to July.

In February the Commission established a Shadow Ministerial Team which had its first meeting, and in March the Commission’s academic panel met for the first time.

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