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Labour launched its independent Planning Commission on 23rd September 2018. A key part of the Commission is hearing from a wide range of stakeholders about their experience of the current planning and plan making systems, and how they might be improved, to be more community and place making focused .

We commenced our call for evidence on 25 October 2018 and it will be open until 31 July 2019.

We are inviting all stakeholders and members of the public to give us their views on a range of topics outlined below that could help us shape a better planning system for the future.

We know that not everyone will want to comment on all of the questions and themes raised in the list below and that is not a problem. We are happy to hear from you on any of the topics listed, or any other issue that you think is relevant.

We would just ask that you keep your contributions fairly brief so that we are able to process the information in a timely manner.

Your comments should be sent to 

With many thanks for showing interest in the work of the Commission, we are really looking forward to hearing from you,

Andrew Gwynne, Shadow Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government and Roberta Blackman-Woods, Shadow Minister for Planning.

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We would like to receive your views and any evidence that you might wish to submit relating to the following topics:

 1. Plan making

The operation of the current plan making system.

Proposals that you might have to improve the system of local plan making.

How best local authorities can take a lead and be champions of planning in their area in partnership with others.

The desirability or otherwise of developing national, regional, local and neighbourhood plans and how they might be linked to together to provide better outcomes for the country and the communities.

2. Planning gain and capturing uplift in land values

The current system of planning gain, in particular, how CIL and Section 106 work in practice and any ideas you have for improving planning gain.

Improvements that might be made to the current system of capturing the uplift in land values that comes with planning permission.

3. Improving land supply

Improving land supply including changes that might need to be made to compulsory purchase orders.

4. Building regulations

Changes that might need to be made to building regulations:

  1. to make buildings safer;
  2. to make buildings more energy efficient;
  3. to make buildings carbon neutral where possible.

5. Infrastructure

How the planning system could better support infrastructure development and how government at different levels can facilitate this.

6. New towns and garden villages

How we might best develop a new generation of garden cities, villages, urban extensions and new towns.

7. Improving the quality of the built environment

Improvements that could be made to the quality, design and sustainability of new buildings to help address climate change.

8. Promoting innovation in construction methods

How to drive forward innovative and modern methods of construction and improve access to digital networks and better computer assisted design.

9. Training and support for planners

 Improving the training and support of planners to enable them to be a catalyst for visionary local planning to develop skills and ensure a pipeline of future planners exist.

10. Diversifying housing suppliers

How to better support the housing and construction sector with particular regard to the role that small builders, land trusts and cooperatives can play in the delivery of new housing and infrastructure to ensure greater diversity in the construction sector.

11. Resourcing planning departments

How the resource base of planning departments can be improved.

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